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We're taking the challenge of living below the extreme poverty line, spending just £1 a day, to raise money for charity, but also to experience it and enhance our compassion. People all over the world have less than £1 a day to live on, which has to provide food, shelter and utilities. We have so much provided for us, but we are going to eat for just £1 a day. The challenge doesn't begin until May 2012, but you can read about last years experience here.

How much....

Saturday, 30 April 2011

In preparation for our 'live below the line' week, I thought I'd better work out how much our standard groceries cost so that we can be sure we are spending less than 33p per meal.

So here is my base list* so far (obviously, I'll be adding as I go):

Milk 100ml = 8.9p [1 ltr = £0.89]
Porridge oats 50g = 11p [1kg = £2.25]
Bread 2 slices = 7p [loaf = £0.75]
Rice 75g = 4p [1kg = £0.49]
Black Eyed Beans 50g = 9p [500g = £0.90]
Ribena 15ml = 5p [600ml = £1.91]
Eggs 1 egg = 20p [12 =£2.50]
Muesli 100g = 7p [1kg = £0.67]
Butter 10g = 5p [250g = £1.30]
Jam 15g = 1p [454g = £0.38]
Peanut Butter 10g = 4p [340g = £1.29]

Some more food from our final above the line shop:
Red pepper = 80p
potato = 11p
kiwi = 12p
cucumber = £1
lettuce = 79p
banana = 11p
corriander bunch = 99p
bowl of coco snaps = 10p
cup of soup = 8p
donuts = 83p

*Prices are based on grocery brand already owned, at their current value from Tesco.com where possible, otherwise at local supermarket prices.


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