£1 a day

We're taking the challenge of living below the extreme poverty line, spending just £1 a day, to raise money for charity, but also to experience it and enhance our compassion. People all over the world have less than £1 a day to live on, which has to provide food, shelter and utilities. We have so much provided for us, but we are going to eat for just £1 a day. The challenge doesn't begin until May 2012, but you can read about last years experience here.

Below the line lunch

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Today we had our 'below the the line lunch' with some of our team from school.

We made Thai spiced rice with tofu.

There seemed to be loads more food to go around than normal. Cooking for a large group makes the 33p budget go much further.

In fact there was even 16p leftover, but I figure that can be used to account for the foraged herbs i used that I'm not really sure if I'm allowed.

I resisted the urge to put anything weird in there (like strawberry yoghurt or peanut butter) but still served kefir to drink, which i think Matt was slightly grossed out by.

The best thing to come out of the lunch (besides the obvious camaraderie) was that someone mentioned a contingency fund, and that's when it hit me - WE ARE STILL 40p UNDER BUDGET FOR THE WEEK!!!!!!

So this afternoon I went shopping for a little treat, and I found in lidl chocolate chip cookies for 39p!

So tonight I will be mostly eating these :-D



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