£1 a day

We're taking the challenge of living below the extreme poverty line, spending just £1 a day, to raise money for charity, but also to experience it and enhance our compassion. People all over the world have less than £1 a day to live on, which has to provide food, shelter and utilities. We have so much provided for us, but we are going to eat for just £1 a day. The challenge doesn't begin until May 2012, but you can read about last years experience here.

Day 1 nearly complete

Monday, 2 May 2011

Well, day 1 is nearly over. (just a yoghurty snack to come)

We have overcome our rules related difficulties.

I had 2 DELICIOUS PEANUT BUTTER sandwiches, and it looks like i'm gonna be eating a whole lot more!

I admit that I am feeling hungrier than I thought I would. What a weakling. But, despite watching all around me tucking into some fabulous ices courtesy of your friend and mine Mr Whippy, we are within budget and going to stay the course.

The bonus is it has helped my hydration no end. Who knew water could be a snack too?

Lunch, just 10g of peanut butter this time but complimented with a banana:

Dinner: (notice I had to watch Will scoffing chips whilst I had my 2 fairly plain tatoes)

SO day total:
Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast (7p) + 20g Peanut butter (8p)= 15p
Lunch: 2 slices bread (7p) + 10g peanut butter (4p) + 1 banana (11p) = 18p
Dinner: 2 potatoes (22p) + butter (2 knobs)/salt/pepper/italian seasoning/pizza spice (11p) = 33p
Snack: homemade yoghurt 50ml (3p)

Day total = 69p


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