£1 a day

We're taking the challenge of living below the extreme poverty line, spending just £1 a day, to raise money for charity, but also to experience it and enhance our compassion. People all over the world have less than £1 a day to live on, which has to provide food, shelter and utilities. We have so much provided for us, but we are going to eat for just £1 a day. The challenge doesn't begin until May 2012, but you can read about last years experience here.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Just finished on duty and feeling very hungry.

After a long afternoon, 75g of plain rice didn't quite cut it. Add to that giving the boys flakes and dairy milk for their suppers then buying the meat and drinks for the man training barbecue tomorrow and I am starting to feel pretty empty.

I am waking up to the fact that I snack a lot more than I realise. I am also waking up to just how instant our society is. We don't prepare or make our own food, Tesco has eliminated the need for that. No wonder recession is such a worry, all of our living is based on the easy and fast availability of cash.

As you can tell from my ramblings, I am a bit tired and hungry!! Off to bed


KJ said...

This wasn't posted by me!!

Matt, you really need to sign in as yourself when you post...

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